Mangwana buried

Herald Reporter

THE late veteran nationalist and provincial hero Cde Cephas Chamakomo Mangwana was buried at his rural home at Mangwana Village in Chivi.

He was 80.

Cde Mangwana died on January 31 after battling a heart ailment and was declared a liberation hero.

The burial was attended by senior Zanu PF and Government officials.


In his graveside eulogy, Zanu PF Secretary for Legal Affairs and family spokesperson, Cde Paul Mangwana, described the hero as a dedicated and patriotic nationalist.

“He was a quiet politician. He was my political advisor. He fought a good war for the liberation of the country,” said Cde Mangwana.

Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Ezra Chadzamira described the late hero as an advisor to many people.

“After completion of his studies, he worked for the United Nations in Ethiopia representing the country.

“He is a veteran nationalist who is also fondly remembered for exhibiting unwavering and constituent dedication to nationalist politics, the liberation struggle and the nation.

In 1957, he went to Highfield in Harare, then Salisbury, in search of employment and got a job at an organisation called the Textile Union of Rhodesia. During those days, African politics in Rhodesia was manifest through the emergence of trade unionism.

He is survived by wife Patricia, four children and several grandchildren.