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Makodza granted bail

Comm Makodza

Nyore Madzianike

Senior Court Reporter

Police Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, accused of corruptly abusing his post or concealing from the police the business dealings of his girlfriend on a police farm, was yesterday remanded on $10 000 bail when he appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court.

Harare regional magistrate Mr Stanley Mambanje ordered him to report once a month to the police and not interfere with witnesses before remanding him to March 2.

Makodza, who was being represented by Mr Tapiwa Makanza, is charged with criminal abuse of duty as a public officer.


Mrs Netsai Mushayabasa, appearing for the State, alleged that in 2019, Makodza decided to corruptly benefit from police projects in Mashonaland East where he was at the time officer commanding.

Makodza is said to have engaged Assistant Commissioner Stephen Zengeya, who was responsible for administration in the province, and told him that there was a private investor who wanted to use Lendy Farm, which is owned by police.

It is alleged that Makodza then introduced Maonei Chapfudza to Asst Comm Zengeya, saying she wanted to invest into piggery, poultry and horticulture on the police farm.

It is alleged that Makodza did not tell Asst Comm Zengeya that he was in a relationship with Chapfudza and they had a child together in 2017.

Further allegations are that Makodza, in a bid to cover-up his relationship with Chapfudza, wanted a formal agreement between his lover and the police.

Background checks were made in March 2019 and Chapfudza was cleared of corrupt tendencies. Mrs Mushayabasa had it that a final memorandum of joint venture agreement was signed between Chapfudza and Mashonaland East Police Province, which Asst Comm Zengeya signed.

Although Makodza acknowledged receiving the agreement, he did not sign it, according to the State.

The court heard that Makodza knew that he was in a relationship with Chapfudza when the agreement was concluded.

According to the State, investigations by the police found that the joint venture agreement gave Makodza an obligation to provide an accounting officer who would make sure that the interests of the police were protected.

Chapfudza, under the agreement was supposed to provide capital and expertise, according to the State.


Contrary to the agreement, Chapfudza is said to have started using police infrastructure at Lendy Farm and started implementing her own businesses without passing 10 percent from the sale of products to police as agreed, it is alleged.

Makodza was alleged to have abused his influence and allowed his lover to undertake the businesses at the police farm.