JUST IN: Tremors felt in Chipinge after 4.3 quake east of Zim

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Sifelani Tsiko Agric, Environment & Innovations Editor
A 4.3 magnitude earthquake in the eastern part of Zimbabwe and in neighbouring Mozambique had some Chipinge residents worried on Monday night this week.

The quake, which occurred 69 km from the epicentre in Chipinge, hit at around 6:55pm local time on February 01, according to the US Geological Survey. With its epicentre at a depth of 10 kilometres, there were no reports of damage.

This was the second time Chipinge had felt tremors since December 2018, when this town in eastern Zimbabwe was hit by a moderate 5,5 magnitude earthquake 53km south-east of the town, affecting parts of Zimbabwe and the Manica province of Mozambique.

The district Meteorological Services Department confirmed the reports but assured locals that there was no immediate danger and no need to evacuate people.

A number of people, on various online platforms confirmed that they had felt the tremors and witnessed cracked roads and surfaces in areas close to Chipinge.


Tarwira Chitombo, of Mount Selinda High School told Manica Post that rooftops rumbled when the earthquake occured.

“We were watching television when we felt the tremors and the subsequent rumbling of rooftops which lasted for a few seconds,” he said.

The largest earthquake to be recorded in Zimbabwe occurred at Kariba Dam in 1963 and had a magnitude of 6,3, according to local seismology records.

It was attributed to the impoundment of the dam.