JUST IN: Masvingo police chief exhorts community leaders in Covid-19 fight

Officer Commanding Police Masvingo province Commissioner David Mahoya speaking to Masvingo media leaders recently.

George Maponga in Masvingo
A top police officer here has exhorted traditional and church leaders to join hands with Government to encourage people in communities to respect lockdown regulations for the nation to triumph in the war against Covid-19.

Officer Commanding Police Masvingo province Commissioner David Mahoya conceded that police alone were unable to ensure compliance to lockdown regulations.

Speaking during a maiden familiarisation meeting with Masvingo media leaders Commissioner Mahoya underscored the need for close cooperation between law enforcement agencies and community leaders if the war against Covid-19 is to be won.

“We also appeal to our traditional and church leaders, councillors and politicians to work with us so that our people in the communities adhere to the current lockdown regulations. Police alone cannot fight this battle. All hands have to be on the deck,” warned Commssioner Mahoya.

He noted that compliance with lockdown regulations required a buy-in from the community stressing that “you can take the horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink.”


“Our people need to understand the importance of respecting lockdown regulations.They can understand this if community leaders help law enforcement agencies to explain to them so that they understand the importance of compliance with lockdown regulations.”

Commissioner Mahoya also hailed the role played by the media in nation building saying the police and the fourth estate should work hand in glove for the greater national good.

“The media plays an important role to conscientise communities about developments taking place especially under circumstances like now when the nation is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.”

MISA national chair Mr Golden Maunganidze hailed the open door policy of the police commanders in the province saying it was a harbinger of better things to come.

Covid-19 cases have of late been dropping in Masvingo after a sharp spike at the beginning of lockdown as more people both in urban and rural areas personal take charge of protecting themselves by heeding calls to stay indoors and respecting the curfew under the national lockdown.