JUST IN: Zvipani seeks Growth Point status

Part of the completed 1st phase of the Karoi-Binga Road passing through Zvipani Business Centre which is set to be transformed into a growth point. The road is expected to reduce the distance to Victoria Falls.

Walter Nyamukondiwa Kariba Bureau
HURUNGWE Rural District Council is pressing ahead with plans to transform Zvipani Business Centre into a growth point leveraging on thriving agriculture and expected offshoot agro-processing industries.

With construction of the Karoi-Binga Road underway, opening up prospects of a tourism highway, Zvipani Business Centre is expected to be a key transit town.

Already pegging of commercial and residential stands is underway with construction of roads, sewer and water systems expected soon.
In an interview, Hurungwe RDC chief executive Mr Luke Kalavina said the pillars for future growth of the business centre are being laid including construction of the Karoi-Binga Road.

“Pegging of residential and commercial stands is in progress and the next phase is to put roads and water systems,” said Mr Kalavina.

“The highway extension has eased transport woes, facilitating trade as farm produce can easily be moved to surrounding areas at much cheaper fares. We just hope the highway will be continued so that we link with Binga and Nyaminyami easily.”


The current drive is to make a planned settlement. Previously, traditional leaders were responsible for parcelling out stands without any formal planning. Council has already a motion for growth point status for the business centre. While the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant restrictions have resulted in some delays, Mr Kalavina said the project would continue.

“Like any other economic service delivery entity, we are faced with a huge challenge of ensuring service delivery to our populace, road maintenance, primary health provision, schools construction, conservation activities; all hampered by stagnant economic activity,” said Mr Kalavina.

The first phase of the construction of the Karoi-Binga Road has been completed with work expected to resume once Government releases funds for the next phase.

Once complete, the road will significantly reduce the distance to the resort town of Victoria Falls, raising chances of the area getting spin-offs from the tourism traffic.

The project is being undertaken by the District Development Fund (DDF) with funds collected through the 2 percent Intermediated Tax.
Already the fares have significantly dropped as more transport operators ply the route.