NDS1 lays foundation for business growth: Envoy

Deputy Ambassador Zhao

Mukudzei Chingwere

Herald Reporter

The National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) provides a foundation for business growth and rapid economic development which is needed to foster return on investment.

These are the reflections of Chinese Deputy Ambassador to Zimbabwe Zhao Baogang who is forecasting accelerated economic growth for Zimbabwe in the coming few years.

Deputy Ambassador Zhao highlighted the Chinese’s willingness to continue entrenching diplomatic relations with Zimbabwe.


The two republics share strong ties that date back to the days of the liberation struggle for Zimbabwe. On the economic front, notes are being shared through the China-Zimbabwe Economic Reform and Transformation training workshops being attended by senior Government officials.

“We will continue to support the economic development of Zimbabwe. The blueprint of Zimbabwe, the plan for the economy through the (NDS1) 2021-2025 is going in the right direction. That is good for business growth.

“We have good bilateral relations with Zimbabwe and we will continue working together. We have been helping Zimbabwe through this (Covid-19) pandemic and those efforts are continuing,” he said.

China now has an estimated Gross Domestic Product of US$13 trillion, the world’s second largest, and their experiences are considered crucial to Zimbabwe’s reform and growth programmes.

Its endorsement for Zimbabwe’s efforts is a sign of a step in the right direction in the awakening of the local economy, which is being primed towards an upper middle income status by 2030.

The Chinese Deputy Ambassador commented on the issue of a reported incident in Bulawayo where a Chinese employer allegedly assaulted employees. The 25 second video clip is circulating on social media.

He said errant members of Chinese business community should be sanctioned in terms of the laws of the land.

Deputy Ambassador Zhao said it was not fair to damage the excellent relations between the two countries adding that any Chinese national would be held accountable for any offence committed.

“When we have such issues, we hope that the law of Zimbabwe takes its course, but not to hold the entire Chinese community accountable.

“We have Zimbabweans who work and learn in China. If one of them commits a crime, we do not hold the entire Zimbabwean community accountable,” he said.


“Social media has been sending all sorts of insults to the Chinese people and this is not good. It poisons the very good bilateral relations that exist between China and Zimbabwe. The relations that have been there for decades.

“We need to look at it in an objective way. There are a lot of Chinese companies doing business here and they are going on well with their projects, like the airport project, Hwange, new parliament building and many others,” said Deputy Ambassador Zhao.