Street woman destroys property

The woman

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A STREET woman of questionable sanity got injured on Sunday when she ran berserk and destroyed property belonging to City of Harare along George Silundika Avenue.

The woman used fists and a broom to destroy window panes and iron sheets at the entrance of the building providing shelter to flower vendors.

Passers-by and security guards stood and watched the woman remove iron roofing sheets and punching window panes, accusing some flower vendors accommodated at the building of stealing some of her belongings.



About eight men left the building in a hurry as the woman pulled down the window panes and later used a wooden stick after she got injured destroying window panes.


“Matorerei zvinhu zvangu nhasi munondiona; Mwari urayayi Mwari,” she was heard saying.


A number of flower vendors prepare their flowers at the building and some have taken it as a home. The building, believed to be owned by City of Harare, has been left idle for some time.