Steaming not cure for Covid-19: Mahomva

Dr Agnes Mahomva


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

While steaming might be helpful, it does not cure Covid-19.
Chief coordinator, national response to the Covid-19 pandemic said we do not have a cure as yet.

Dr Agness Mahomva said this on Tuesday in a side interview at the Lockdown Statement presentation by the Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Jenfan Muswere.

“Covid-19 at the moment does not really have medicine/drug to cure it,” said Dr Mahomva.



“There are lot of medicines and other remedies that help relieve the signs and symptoms that we have for example we say if you have high temperature you can use a paracetamol to get the temperature down.


“If you are not breathing well and you want something to clear your throat use other things that we usually use to clear up flue for example so that you are able to breath better.


“A number of remedies that people are bringing up to really help them breath a bit better and feel a bit comfortable but they are not there to treat Covid-19 because we do not have that at the moment,” said Dr Mahomva.