Chinhoyi urged to adhere to Covid-19 regulations

Paul Pindani in Chinhoyi

The Mayor of Chinhoyi, Councillor Garikai Dendera, has urged Chinhoyi residents to adhere to Covid-19 regulations set by the government to help thwart the scourge of the virus.

Government through the Minister of Health and Child Care, Vice President Chiwenga announced a raft of lockdown measures to arrest the spiralling number of Covid-19 cases in the country.


Cllr Dendera told H-METRO that the lockdown has become a national disaster and called upon Chinhoyi residents to heed the government’s call and take up corrective measures in fighting against Covid-19.



He said that it was very important that the residents put their health safety before anything else.


“The lockdown measures put in place by the government is to protect the nation from getting infected by the novel Coronavirus.


“So, as the Mayor of the City of Chinhoyi, adhere to the lockdown regulations set by the government,” he said.


Cllr Dendera said that it was of paramount importance to make sure that all family members including children are conscientisied on the dangers of Covid-19.


“Covid-19 is real and is amongst us. Let us all follow all the health regulations set by health officials.



“Let us wash our hands regularly. Maintaining social distancing and always masking up as the best remedy to prevent oneself from contracting the disease,” said Cllr Dendera.


He added: “At the same time, Let me take this opportunity to also urge all our residents to make sure that they pay up all their outstanding rates to council so that your council is able to provide, effective and efficient service delivery,” he said.


Some of the measures include, correct wearing of face masks, social distancing, hand sanitisation and temperature checks to be strictly monitored.


Essential services will remain open from 8am to 3pm during the lockdown, government has set curfew time from 6pm to 6am.


Weddings, funerals, gyms, restaurants, bars among other business have been banned for 30 days.