Pensioners demand sustainable payouts


PENSIONERS in Bulawayo have joined their peers from other provinces in lobbying pension authorities to pay them sustainable payouts given the economic challenges in the country.

Last November, city pensioners launched the Bulawayo Pensioners Forum to represent them on issues regarding their pension payouts.

This comes at a time Zimbabwe’s estimated 500 000 pensioners are earning a paltry $1 500 a month when the poverty datum line is now over $20 000.

Leader of the pensioners’ forum, Winos Dube said there was a need for pensioners from all provinces to speak with one voice.


“In Bulawayo, we have our regional committee which already met and we are waiting for our reply this week. Every province should come up with a structure for pensioners because they are facing the same problems,” Dube said.

“Recently, I was talking to the Victoria Falls pensioners structure and these regional structures will meet so that they can pass their complaints forward to the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) leaders.”

Dube said the initiative had received a positive response from other pensioners across the country as they were happy with the move.

“Every province should have these structures so that we can unite and speak with one voice as pensioners. In our WhatsApp group, we are talking with several members from other provinces and we are getting positive feedback,” Dube said.

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