Professors’ consistent Covid-19 message

PROFESSOR Solwayo Ngwenya

His profile reads, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UK). Founder &CEO Royal Women’s Clinic.

He is the acting chief executive at Mpilo Hospital:


“One of my principles has been to dedicate energy, enthusiasm and gusto to public healthcare facilities. The idea is to help the most vulnerable. Over the years, I have tried to help the people. I continue to come to Mpilo Central Hospital with a smile. Together, we can,” he said mid-2020.



An overwhelming majority on social media has paid tribute to the acting chief executive for Mpilo Hospital. He has stayed committed to his job even when others went on job action. He has been consistent with his message on the Covid-19 pandemic, issuing warnings daily.


The situation would be different if people heeded his daily calls.


Below are some of his tweets on Covid-19, which have turned out to be true.

“Coronavirus: I tweeted before that the world needs to act TOGETHER, locking down at the SAME time for 3 months to defeat the virus. Essential goods/services allowed. Now the virus is spreading exponentially as a new deadlier variant. Echos of 1918. Millions will die. ACT NOW!!”


“The second wave is blisteringly fast as predicted. It is deadlier than the first wave. I am sure that by now even the doubters can finally see what we have been warning about. Enter the new deadlier, highly infectious new variant. How do we survive this one? No doubters please!”


Corona virus: to all my friends, close relatives, and ardent followers there is NO festive season for us. Buy your items and STAY at home. No weddings, parties, rallies, funerals (attend only for close relatives). SIT DOWN. There will be many other festive seasons ahead.

Some things never change. 1918 re-run of a deadly virus pandemic, sweeping northwards. The population behaviour remains unchanged; underestimating a terrible situation, refusing lockdowns, mixing and mingling and superspreading the virus. And deaths mounting. Amazing.

Zimbabwe and the whole African continent are tottering on the brink of a major catastrophe. The second wave will be a sudden, blistering, flattening strike, killing many people. Be warned. Prevent the further spread this terrible virus.

Coronavirus: its spiralling out of control, increasing cases, rising positivity rates, mounting deaths. Isalakutshelwa sibona ngomopho. There will be no Christmas or New Year celebrations, just tears. Lockdown!!

Corona virus: the basic tenets of a lockdown during a major pandemic is to slow down the rapid spread of the virus, prevent health facilities from being overwhelmed, and save lives. Full stop. Any dithering causes deaths on a massive scale.


Corona virus: according to my own estimates, Zimbabwe could bury 50 000 to 100 000 people in weeks, months to come. Unfortunately the people and the economy do not like lockdowns. So a biblical catastrophe is on the way. Frightening new figures mean deaths are coming, soon.

Corona virus: #coronavirus I said it long ago before the first case was reported in Zimbabwe, this is the time to listen; if you have no urgent matter to travel for please STAY AT HOME. Lockdown extension or not, JUST SIT DOWN till August