Scenes during the funeral wake

. . . threaten to attack killer cop

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

TWO mourners at the funeral of a police officer shot dead by her husband went berserk on Monday wanting to beat up the accused when he was brought for indications by police.

The unidentified men believed to be related to slain Juliana Chirinhe caused a scene that saw female officers who were among the mourners run for dear life.


Tichaona Chirinhe

The two wanted to attack Tichaona Chirinhe who was being led by police detectives into the bedroom where the tragic incident took place.


“Kana muchindisunga ndisungei ndiende kujeri; mhondi iyi irikudei pano? Ndati mhondi iyi yavingei pano? Akajaidzwa,” one of the men shouted.

Police officers and other mourners quickly apprehended the two and took them away from the place to allow homicide police detectives to carry their investigations for evidence needed in prosecution.

Mourners followed proceedings through the window where Chirinhe was heard struggling to justify his claims that he accidentally discharged the trigger leading to the shooting of the late Juliana on her abdomen.


Some of the questions he failed to answer included why he decided to clean the pistol before following precautionary measures of disassembling the gun.


He also failed to explain his position when he made the shot and the position of the deceased.


Police detectives had to reverse their vehicle close to the door to take Chirinhe as tension grew.


Chirinhe is under police custody following his arrest on Sunday when he shot Juliana who died upon admission at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

She was 37.