‘Killer cop was on duty’

Tichaona Chirinhe

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A Chitungwiza police officer arrested for killing his wife on Sunday was issued with the firearm for night duties on Christmas Day.

Tichaona Chirinhe, 38, a sergeant under Harare Central Crime Prevention Unit was issued with the firearm on Christmas Day for night duties with a magazine containing eight rounds and an entry to that effect was noted in his police notebook.

Seven live rounds were recovered from his trousers back pocket upon his arrest and Chirinhe argued that he accidentally shot his wife Juliana Chirinhe whilst trying to make safety precautions on his service pistol.



One of his neighbours only identified as Langton said he was the first person to be approached by Chirinhe for help soon after the incident.

Scenes during the funeral wake

“This man came calling for help and we were joined by an elderly woman we call granny and entered his bedroom where we found his wife lying in a pool of blood,” said Langton.

“We were terrified since he was holding his pistol and granny questioned him about the gun which was later taken from him by one of our neighbours who is a serving member of ZRP.


“He narrated to us that he accidentally shot his wife while he was cleaning his pistol and I believed him because he was visibly drunk and we know him for taking alcohol.



“Their two children were in the house.


“Before the incident I spoke to his wife who told me that she was going to take Chirinhe from the bar.


“Hanzi ndikasavatora vanodhakwa nedoro vakakanganwa kudya vakatozoonekwa nevanhu vachibva kubhawa ikoko vakabatana mawoko.


“Hapana kuratidza kusawirirana asi kuti vaitonanaidzana zvavo zvakanaka zvekuti nhanhasi hatisi kuziva kuti zvakafambasei vave mumba.


“This man was drunk and I want to believe that is the mistake he made leading to this tragedy,” said Langton.



The now deceased was recently promoted to a sergeant and was under Chitungwiza traffic section.


A number of Julian’s workmates described her as a well-behaved member of the service who was dedicated to her line of duty.


“I was really touched by this sudden death of Sgt Chirinhe who was dedicated to her duties, friendly and she never expressed that she was facing marital problems,” said one of her workmates who refused to identify herself.