Simbisa expands to Chitungwiza

H-Metro Reporter

Chitungwiza residents had less reason to travel to Harare’s CBD after fast-food giant, Simbisa Brands Limited opened a new branch in Chitungwiza at Makoni and reopened Machipisa Complex ahead of the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays.

A new branch was opened in Chitungwiza at Makoni Zuva service station with Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn brands.


The opening of the new complex in Chitungwiza was welcomed by the residents saying it has brought closer the much loved Pizza Inn brand and has also created jobs.



Makoni residents showed great excitement as there was huge turn-out at the official opening. Makoni complex has a beautiful sitting area. A few tables were set up which accommodate a few people as a way of managing social distancing and to abide by Covid 19 guidelines.


Simbisa Brands also reopened Machipisa Complex on the same day that it opened a complex at Makoni Zuva service station. Machipisa had closed for a few months for renovations. These two complexes opening are coming after the company recently opened a Nandos in Victoria Falls. The Company continues to grow despite the Covid 19 induced challenges.


The newly opened two branches has increased the total number of Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn outlets to 70 and 39 countrywide.


Speaking at the official opening at Makoni, Warren Meares, who is the company Managing Director said, “We saw the need to open a new complex in Chitungwiza in order to offer greater convenience to the people of Chitugwiza. This is the first Pizza Inn in Chitugwiza people were travelling to the city Centre to buy meals now we have made it convenient for our customers”.


Warren Meares also added that, “We will be opening new shops throughout the country and we will be opening a Spur at Samy Levy’s Village”.