Chemhanza charms Ministry

Takawira ‘Photovet Unlimited’ Dapi

THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has described Chemhanza Mission as a pacesetter.

Hwedza District Schools Inspector (HDSI) Godfrey Parira said he was grateful that despite its impressive record, the school remained in compliance with Government rules and regulations.

“Chemhanza Mission Schools here in Hwedza District are now our Zimbabwe Primary and Secondary Education Ministry’s Ambassador, be it at district, provincial, national and international levels, that is only by looking at their academic, sporting and administrating achievement levels which were being shared by its respective heads of departments here today.”



Parira was speaking as a guest of honour at Chemhanza Mission Schools Teachers’ Educational Vision Sharing Workshop that was organised by new principal Reverend Saul Tadzaushe within his first month in office.


“We as Government education authorities, we ride on your success, and what you must honestly know is that at the end of the day after riding on your success, we attribute it to ourselves and say yes, this is our success as the Zimbabwe Government Education Ministry, we have done it successfully through you.


“Imagine, recently the First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa launched her successful national feeding programme for disadvantaged children here at Chemhanza Mission School on October 8. If you look


at it, being at provincial level, they launched it at Chemhanza Mission School because there is something good they saw about this school.


“There are good things they know Chemhanza accomplished. We cannot say it when your results are bad, everybody dreams to partner pacesetters only in life.”



He thanked the school authorities and parents for maintaining sounding relations with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, unlike other schools which defied Government authority.


Parira implored other schools to emulate the impressive infrastructural development at Chamhanza which now has many facilities than schools that were established before independence when its secondary school only opened in 1983.


The principal, Rev Kutadzaushe said he had great plans for the school, while good behaviour contributed immensely to academic success.


“Good results and Godly behaviour work hand in glove hence all these observed excellent achievements by our mother, our Ministry of both Primary and Secondary Education.

“Without good behaviour, they could not be attained hence I encourage each and everyone here to maintain that. If the institutions are to put the core values to use at the work place, this will help them to realise their vision, when these two are combined, the institution’s visionary mission will be attained and only if core values are perfected well, that vision can be accomplished easily and obviously. Remember, Merman Webster says, it is the quality of being excellent that is a valuable quality.”