More than two million people vaccinated for coronavirus in US

Image: Reuters

More than two million people have now been vaccinated for the coronavirus in the United States (US)  just as the country’s top infectious diseases expert warns of a  critical time in the nation’s fight against the pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci again raised concern that the lack of a standardised response across the massive country’s 50 states is a major weakness.

The US moved past 19 million cases this weekend and more than 333 000 deaths since the virus first appeared in the country in January.

The daily death toll has eased from a high of around 3500 on 16 December to 1400 in the last 24 hours but that number is again expected to surge due to the effects of widespread travel and family gatherings over the Christmas holiday period.

US officials say 85 million Americans traveled to visit friends and family and that is expected to lead to new infections and a rise in deaths similar to the post-Thanksgiving break in November when American travel peaks.


Dr. Fauci pointed to considerable disparities in how states are responding to the virus – a major weakness that sees the USA as worst-affected in terms of cases and deaths globally. – SABCNews