Fitness trainers give back to community

Scenes during the hand over ceremony

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Warren Park based fitness trainers on Saturday gave back to the community where they handed over food hampers to the elderly as Christmas presents.

The team which is under Celo Fitness Foundation Trust made a courtesy pledge to the elderly in the community.

During the handover, they also blessed artiste, Peter Tangwena.



Speaking to the founder of the foundation, Samukelisiwe Sibanda she said:

“The vision of this initiative is to physically, socially and mentally affect the community meeting the needs.


“So the Saturday’s event was just beginning and we are a 25-member team.

Scenes during the hand over ceremony

“This was part of launching the foundation trust for fitness industry with the aim of achieving something big, because people think fitness is only for the rich or the those in need of weight loss but it’s for everyone.”


One of the co-founders, Marcelo said this is a good initiative to give back to the community.


“We need to give back to the community, and we agreed to be the game changers of the societies we come from and do our best in the community.

“It was a changing game in the fitness industry and we need to continue playing a helping hand in the community. We decided to start with the elders in Warren Park since they are the ones who made these locations and they also bred us.


“So we thanked them with Christmas gifts and we also handed over the gifts to the musician Peter Tangwena whom we discovered that he needs a helping hand,” said Marcelo.


He added:



“This is a turning point into the fitness world where we can give everyone, without choosing and we are also looking into how we can help old musicians since they seem to be lacking a foundation especially the like of Peter Tangwena.


“The foundation will also chip in to help musicians especially the yesteryear legends who had their spell long back.


“Legend musicians need support, because each time I would pass through his house, I would wonder if they have a foundation to assist them. We are also working with Terminator, a member of the physically challenged.


“There is a need to show the world that even the physically challenged can help.”