UZ student launches show

Patrick Ndowa


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

University of Zimbabwe, student has launched a show which seeks to promote brand Zimbabwe across all the social spheres.

The show dubbed, The Beauty of Zimbabwe, is courtesy of Patrick Ndowa who is studying Electronics and Telecommunications Technology.



He said it will be a weekly broadcast that seeks to promote brand Zimbabwe and address the problems of lack of information and cover the information gap through provision of political, social, economics, Dialogue, business, point of view, current affairs as well as trending issues within the social spheres of Zimbabwe.


“This is a vibrant current affairs and point of view to tackle various issues from the perspective of young urbanite Zimbabweans and the general populace.


“The initiative is mainly to promote and uplift young talent in Zimbabwe and this is also to promote the government of Zimbabwe from Zambezi to Limpopo and beyond the borders of Zimbabwe so that people within Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans in the diaspora and foreigners, investors.


“This should also reach to foreign parties interested in Zimbabwe to see the progress, peace, stability in Zimbabwe through these Episodes and this will call for engagement and envision a vision 2030 and Zimbabwe is Open for Business,” said Ndowa.


Ndowa, the young Zimbabwean, youth and student leader said with an information gap in Zimbabwe these episodes will be uploaded on social media platforms which makes it easy to reach.



“The main target is to have a weekly episode so that we give people enough time to watch and digest the information, updates and points of view whilst leaving no stone unturned when it comes to updates.


“Giving authentic information about achievements and progress in Zimbabwe and with resources, time allowing, we can even adjust to two episodes per week so that we are as consistent as we can.


“We would like to acknowledge the work being done by President Mnangagwa, and his vices as well as ministers.


“There are people in Zimbabwe and outside who just need to have all this information on their fingertips so that through making noise about successes and progress.


“We want to demand better for our nation, we want to offer our alternative solutions and we want to be part of solving what’s broken. As a young generation we look forward to a better Zimbabwe and we can only do this when we roll up our sleeves, engage with our leadership, support and move forward,” he added.



Above all, Ndowa is Enactus UZ President, UZ Hult Prize Campus Director and aspiring SRC president.