SAAFF calls on govt to urgently intervene in Beitbridge border post backlogs

JOHANNESBURG – Authorities appear to have managed to make some progress in reducing a backlog of hundreds of trucks at the Beitbridge border post.

Travellers seeking entry into Zimbabwe have spent nearly a week at the post in queues stretching several kilometres.

At least four truck drivers have died while waiting at the border, something largely blamed on the dire conditions, including the scorching heat.

The SA Association of Freight Forwarders’ (SAAFF) spokesperson, Lin Botha, on Saturday said government needed to urgently intervene.

“The backlog is only about 4.9 kilometres as of this morning for the northbound traffic. Unfortunately, the southbound traffic that is within Zimbabwe trying to get into South Africa is a bit longer than that. It’s in the region of about 20 odd kilometres because there are two roads that led into Zimbabwe-Beitbridge,” she said. – Eyewitness News