Be wary of Covid-19, pupils told

Dr Johannes Marisa

PUPILS have been urged to be wary of the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Speaking at the commissioning of a donated borehole at Zimuto Mission in Masvingo recently, Zimuto Old Students Action Group founding
chairman Dr Johannes Marisa told students to be at the forefront of curbing the spread of Covid-19.

Scenes during the commissioning of a borehole pump at Zimuto High School in Masvingo

“Denial and self-centeredness are two behaviour patterns on the part of citizens that have exacerbated the negative effects and the deaths caused by this virus.


Scenes during the commissioning of a borehole pump at Zimuto High School in Masvingo

“If you are diabetic and you present even the most minor symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, a sore throat or a headache, to name a few of Covid19 symptoms, please rush to seek medical attention.

“I referred five diabetic patients who were experiencing breathing difficulties to be tested for Covid19, and four out of five of them
passed away.

“The combination of diabetes and Covid19 is proving to be very dangerous. It is highly fatal.

“The second wave of the global pandemic is infectiously upon us and the outbreak is expected to last from now (December) until March 2021. And, unfortunately, there is another strain of the virus which has been discovered to hail from Scotland.

“It is a mutation of the first strain and it is dangerously sweeping across the global landscape.

“Look at what happened in the United States of America, for example, America saw 3 426 people dying in hospitals on 16 December 2020.

“Look at what is happening in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom as other examples, yesterday the whole world saw no less than 13 000
people dying in hospitals. What more are those unrecorded or unknown cases that resulted in home-deaths?

“We must be vigilant in the face of this very real threat,. Please take my message home.

“To your parents and guardians and everyone you encounter, please tell them that Covid-19 is still there for real, when told to wear one’s
mask, please do so heartily because this virus does not discriminate as it is killing anyone, as we share this medical or prevention wisdom at this minute,” Dr Marisa said.