‘Disability is not inability’

Onias Mawire

Nyasha Kada, H-Metro Reporter

They say disability is not inability.

This is the case with one Onias “Murimi wanhasi” Mawire who lost his right leg in 2017.

Today he is earning a living from urban farming.



Speaking to H-Metro, Mawire said:

“I had been practising farming but not seriously before my leg was amputated but I was inspired to start again during the beginning of Covid-19.


“A friend of mine helped me helped me to start.


“I practise organic farming because I like healthy food.


“I do not use any fertilisers.



“At the moment I am producing water melons and selling around 30 a day.


He added:


“My message to other disabled people is ‘disability is not inability’.


“There are so many things to do and I should look for what they are good at and go for it.


“It can be done, I am testimony.



“I started with my own resources, there is no need to wait for funding or sponsorship just because one is disabled.”