‘Be responsible, considerate on roads’

Commissioner General Godwin Matanga

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

MOTORISTS must ensure that vehicles are roadworthy before embarking on journeys and not using worn out tyres especially during the rainy season.

Commissioner General Godwin Matanga said this on Monday in his statement urging motorists to exercise caution and prevent road traffic accidents during the 2020 festive season.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police takes note that the festive season is characterised by a lot of movements as the volume of traffic increases on the roads,” said Comm Gen Matanga.



“Zimbabweans normally takes this opportunity to visit relatives, friends and engage in various social activities.


“Of particular interest is the issue of road traffic accidents which take centre stage during this period.


“It is sad to note that most road traffic accidents during the festive season are caused by speeding, drunken driving, misjudgment, overtaking errors, failure to observe traffic rules and regulations and mechanical faults,” he said.


Comm Gen Matanga said police will ensure that deployments are conducted along highways, residential areas, industrial and central business districts.


Police officers will conduct foot and motorised patrols on all major and feeder roads, checking for wanted persons, moving criminals and those who move around with stolen property.



He warned drivers not to drive whilst drunk or under the influence of alcohol or other substances which may affect their judgment on the roads.


“They must be observant and avoid use of cellphones whilst driving and all defective vehicles and those not displaying number plates will be accounted for by the police.


“Motorists are urged to ensure that vehicles are compliant with road rules and regulations for the effective maintenance of road safety.


“We want to urge motorist to be responsible and considerate when driving on the roads,” he said.


Comm Gen Matanga appealed to travellers not to board private and unregistered vehicles, especially mushikashika, as others have lost lives, property and some have been left injured after attacks by criminals using these vehicles.



He said ZRP will work together with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ), Vehicle Examination Department (VED), ZINARA and other stakeholders to conduct awareness campaigns.


“This therefore entails the need for vigilance on the part of road users and it is paramount for all to recognise that road safety is a collective responsibility.


“Besides traffic issues, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will deploy officers to curb robbery, murder, rape, stock theft and unlawful entry cases,” said Comm Gen Matanga.


“We urge the public to secure their premises and property during the holidays.


“As the public make merry and enjoy this holiday, my office is concerned with murder cases which arise out of domestic disputes, beer drinking disputes, those committed by mentally ill patients, those emanating from witchcraft allegations, especially among relatives and neighbours and the recent killings of children by parents and guardians for various misdemeanours,” he said urging people to find peaceful means of resolving differences.


Police also urged people not to move around with large sums of money or keep such amounts at home or business premises to curtail robbery cases.


Members of the public have been urged to bank money with financial institutions and only keep smaller amounts for day to day use.


Comm Gen Matanga urged people to adhere to Covid-19 health, safety and security measures in order to promote the effective maintenance of law and order during the festive season discouraging unnecessary gatherings and observe the curfew order which is in place.


On cases of drowning, Comm Gen Matanga urged people to take safety measures and avoid swimming or allowing children to play in water bodies such as rivers, streams, trenches and bridges.


He said motorists and those with scotch-carts should not cross flooded rivers and bridges at all costs.


Police will also ensure that action is taken against those engaging in illegal mining activities and smuggling acts along the country’s borders.


“Those who will try to evade the country Immigration and Customs procedures will only have themselves to blame.


“Let’s be safety and security conscious; cooperate with the law enforcement agents and relevant stakeholders to curb criminal and accidents during this festive season,” said Comm Gen Matanga while wishing everyone an accident and crime free holiday.