JUST IN: President commissions Chombwe

President Mnangagwa closes a tap with running water at a washing booth in Mhikuro village which is one of the areas benefiting from the Chombwe water scheme.

From George Maponga in CHIVI
President Mnangagwa has commissioned the nearly $8million Chombwe Piped Water Scheme in Chivi today that will usher in a new epoch in the arid district by supplying piped water to over 10 000 households.

The scheme was financed using devolution funding and will also supply water for livestock and irrigating small holder plots engendering food security in Chivi and surrounding areas.

Chombwe Scheme draws its water from Tokwe River which feeds off Muzhwi Dam upstream. President Mnangangwa, speaking after commissioning the scheme, touted it as permanent panacea to recurrent food woes in Chivi caused by poor rains.

He pledged Government’s commitment to continue funding projects that transform lives of the rural folk via devolution.

Before commissioning Chombwe, the President also planted a baobab tree at Chombwe Hill where tanks that supply the scheme are housed.


The baobab is the tree of tye year under the national annual tree planting day.

President Mnangagwa also interacted with women from Mhikuro village who were among the first tp benefit from the water scheme as they were doing their laundry at a washing booth near Chombwe Hill.