Dondo helps demolitions victim

Thompson Dondo (right) and Mr Magwizi

H-Metro Reporter

IMPALA Car Rental chief executive officer Thompson Dondo yesterday stretched his philanthropic hand after he donated $500 000 to a disabled man whose house was recently demolished in Budiriro.

The prominent businessman braved the early morning showers to visit a visibly distraught Mr Magwizi at his demolished house to lend his supporting hand.


In the midst of incessant early morning rains, Dondo sat down in the open with Magwizi asking him what assistance he needed.



Seated in his wheelchair and socking in the rains, the 42 year-old Magwizi was clearly at loss for words:


“Hupenyu for me hwatoita upside down. I don’t even know what to do. I am thinking of building one room and a toilet, but you never know they will come back again to destroy our houses.


“I am hoping if we can’t stay here, the authorities will find somewhere to put us. Our situation is terrible.


“My aim was to make sure my family has somewhere to stay. A roof over their heads.


“Handichatozivi ndodii. Hapana chaedza chandiri kuona pazvinhu zvese izvi. Others are saying ngatishingirirei zvichaita but I am not sure about that .



“The inconvenience is just too much. All i want at the moment is just one room and a toilet for me to use.”


Magwizi, who is married and has two children said after the demolitions, he has been staying with one of his friends in Budiriro while his family has moved to Kadoma.


After being touched by Magwizi’s plight, Dondo said he would transfer the $500 000 into Magwizi’s account today “without fail.”


“I saw your story on social media and ndakanzwa tsitsi. It’s raining and you are a disabled man with a family. My heart sank and I said I have to do something for you in the immediate.


“I will transfer $500 000 into your account tomorrow. I don’t think building another one room and toilet here is a good idea. Nyatsofungai exactly what you want to do next,” advised Mr Dondo.



Magwizi works for the Ministry of Health and Child Care as an accountant.


“If people accept you, you will find it easy to accept yourself and live a normal life. As I am, I have a driver’s licence.


“Chandinonyanyo kushuvira ndechekuti mudzimai wangu accepted me as I am. My wish is that she stays at a comfortable place. That is why I went out of my way to secure a stand here. I want her to live comfortably.


“When the demolitions took place, I was not around. I received a phone call from some of my neighbours and relatives.


“I was fortunate that these neighbours and relatives managed to remove my property from the house before it was demolished.


“After the demolitions they also managed to save some of my bricks.


“I really thought I had sorted issues to do with accommodation. At first, we paid US$300 then monthly subscriptions of US$22. We stopped paying subscription in 2013 when we discovered that something was wrong.


“I thought ndawanawo pekuisa mhuri. I am growing up and so anything can happen to me. I don’t want to leave my kids with nowhere to stay.


“I was really, really hurt because I thought I had fulfilled one of my dreams to provide accommodation for my family.


“It’s expensive to build a house in this environment. Things are expensive so our money has gone to waste .


“My family was also very hurt. If something is to happen to me they will be homeless.


“I would like to thank you Mr Dondo and Impala Car Rental for this assistance. Mwari akukomborerei,” said Magwizi.


His company, Impala Car Rental is well-known for its corporate social responsibility that has seen several artists and needy people in communities benefiting.


Musicians such as Jah Prayzah, Suluman Chimbetu, Shiga Shiga, Selmor Mtukudzi, Allan Chimbetu and DJs like Zobha and Bridget Gavanga and many others have benefited from Dondo’s philanthropic work.


Some of his philanthropic work is seen through the Alfred Dondo Foundation.


The foundation has more than 60 children that it caters for in terms of paying school fees and buying uniforms.


Most of these children are from Chivhu (Mr Dondo rural home) but now the foundation is looking after children from all over the country.


Last year, the foundation worked with South African superstar Nasty C to raise funds for the less privileged.


Impala Car Rental General manager Tracy Chirata recently said: “By nature Mr Dondo is a giver. He is someone who is into giving.”