Doctors association hailed

Deputy Minister Dr Mangwiro and Dr Marisa

Trust Khosa recently in Kadoma

Health and Child Care Deputy Minister John Mangwiro hailed the Medical and Dental Private Practitioners Zimbabwe Association (M.D.P.P.Z.A) for the help they offered the late veteran actor Lazarus “Gringo” Boots when he was ill.

Gringo succumbed to cancer of the stomach aged 47.


He was admitted at Westview Clinic in Zimre Park where he has been receiving free treatment from M.D.P.P.Z.A under the stewardship of Dr Johannes Marisa.



In his address at the inaugural M.D.P.P.Z.A conference in Kadoma, Deputy Minister Mangwiro hailed the association for its philanthropic work.


“The service you gave to Gringo was the first thing of it’s kind.


“I know you are a philanthropic grouping but the help you gave Gringo was the first of its kind, ” he said.


The Deputy Minister said M.D.P.P.Z.A had led by example since most do not access free help from private hospitals.


“The general belief with people is that private hospitals are expensive but you led by example,” he added.



Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Mangwiro hailed Kadoma businessman and land developer for donating 20 residential stands to th e association.

***Pictures by Takawira ‘Photovet’ Dapi