ARTUZ members arrested

Obert Masaraure

Crime Reporter

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure and his Mutoko district chairperson, Wellington Gweshe, were last week arrested for disorderly conduct after they allegedly insulted police officers at a roadblock along Seke Road.

They were however,  released after paying a $500 admission of guilt fine each.

The two, who were reportedly drunk, were driving into Harare city centre at around 11.35pm when they were stopped at a police checkpoint near the intersection of Delport and Seke roads.

They were taken to St Mary’s Police Station in Chitungwiza, where they were released the following day after paying the deposit fines of $500 each.


The two were in a Nissan Sunny being driven by Gweshe, who is a teacher at Mutoko High School. At the roadblock, they were ordered to stop and pull off the road so that police would conduct some searches.

During the process, it is alleged that Masaraure started shouting at the police officers before Gweshe joined in.

They were immediately arrested and taken to the police station.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said: “Police confirm the arrest of Obert Masaraure (36) and Wellington Gweshe (32) for disorderly conduct at a police checkpoint in Harare on November 3, 2020. The duo, who appeared drunk, insulted police officers after being asked to pull off the road. They have since paid admission of guilt fines.”

This is not the first time that Masaraure and some officials from the organisation have been arrested or involved in controversy.

In June last year, Government dismissed media reports that Masaraure had been abducted from his home and tortured by State security agents for calling on teachers to embark on an industrial action.

In December 2018, teachers who participated in a march from Mutare to Harare under ARTUZ were promised US$100 each, but were not given the money. They accused Masaraure and other leaders, Dirk Frey and Robson Chere, of misappropriating the funds. As consolation, the teachers were given food hampers.