GBV victims mourned

Muchanyara Mukamuri

Prisca Manyiwa in Kwekwe

Young Women Christian Association commemorated Black Thursday last week, mourning women who passed on due to violence against women.

The Association set aside a whole week from the 18th to the 24th of October worldwide to celebrate what they called a week without violence which they spent doing various activities in raising awareness against gender based violence the world over.


Speaking to H-Metro, YWCA secretary general in Zimbabwe Muchanyara Mukamuri said, this year their association commemorated the Black Thursday virtually due to COVID-19 regulations.



“As YWCA we have set aside a whole week in the month of October from the 18th to 24th to raise awareness against gender based violence, we called it have A Week Without Violence.


“During that same week we have Black Thursday where we encourage all women to dress in black attires as a sign of mourning our dear beloved women who departed due to Violence against Women and we also take that opportunity to celebrate the survivors of violence whilst working towards the eradication of any and all forms of GBV,” she said.


This year, YWCA members celebrated black Thursday on their various social media platforms where they took a chance to share their experiences with regards to GBV and also share ideas on how to end GBV and live peacefully worldwide.


“Owing to the ongoing lockdown across the globe, domestic violence has been at its peak and women are the most affected.


“Despite the current lockdown and social distancing, sexual harassment on women still manifests in our communities. The digital media platforms have initiated intrusion of privacy through sexual objectification of women.



“During the course of this week, World YWCA is urging women across the globe to share experiences with regards to any form of violence against women, actions taken towards ensuring the safety of women during this global pandemic,” she added.