Row over US$4 350 lockdown fees

Chemist Sibanda

Tatenda Chipungudzanye News Editor

A ROW over exorbitant Covid-19 lockdown extra lessons has resulted in a school expelling three children from one family.

Lilfordia School in Harare expelled Kadoma based Chemist Sibanda’s three children over his refusal to pay US$4350 for them to learn via e-mail during the lockdown period.

Donald Campbell


The school head Donald Campbell wrote to Sibanda of the expulsion of his three children in Grade 7, 4 and 2 after his refusal to pay fees which Sibanda had argued were exorbitant considering parents are in the Covid-19 period. He also argued that for his three children he was already paying more than US$60 000 annually at the learning institution.


“Herewith official notice of the termination of places at Lilfordia School for the following pupils; (names supplied) Please would you liaise with Mr Foster (daryn@lilfordia.com) as to when (the Grade 7 pupil) will be available to write the Assessment Test for St Mary’s DSG at Lilfordia under supervision.


“Whilst she is here all property belonging to the three children will be given to her,” wrote Campbell to Sibanda.


Campbell added: “As per my previous letter, your children have been excluded permanently due to non-payment of fees.”


Sibanda wrote back to the school head arguing that schools opening depended on government directives but the school opened way before government announced opening of both private and public schools.



“I have no problem paying the fees but your appetite for money is exceptional.


“I am aware of those letters you were saying schools opening tomorrow bla bla bla yet the announcement of school opening should come from government,” wrote Sibanda to Campbell.


Sibanda said Lilfordia School had to be considerate about lives and not money in the Covid-19 time.


“My friend Covid-19 is not a story telling thing, it’s real and you should be considerate about lives and not money.


“No courtesy of school alertness of the pandemic which has killed (people), it’s a shame for such a school to ignore such (a pandemic).



“Be considerate, life is everything, money is nothing,” Sibanda wrote.


Campbell refused to shed light on the issue preferring to hang up phone.


“I cannot talk about this, bye,” he said before hanging the phone.