Protect your resources: Soda

Minister Zhemu Soda

Stella Manzini, H-Metro Reporter

THE Minister of Energy and Power Development Zhemu Soda has urged Donsa community in Silobela, Kwekwe district to shun away from vandalism and stealing of electricity transformers for the benefit of their communities.

Addressing a gathering during the commissioning of Donsa electrification project on Thursday, Min Soda urged the Donsa community to jealously guard their resources for their own benefit and shun from stealing and vandalism of infrastructure for the development of their community.


“There is rampant increase in cases of theft and vandalism on the electricity grid infrastructure, conductors and transformers to be specific and l would like to urge the community to ensure that the grid infrastructure is not vandalized.



“Beneficiaries should therefore jealously guard the electricity infrastructure provided from such acts of sabotage,” he said.


In addition, the Minister said the rural electrification program had potential to improve the quality of life in rural areas of the country by reducing child mortality rate and rural to urban migration among other things.


“Ladies and gentleman, the provision of electricity in the rural areas will no doubt lead to the empowerment of our rural communities, alleviate poverty, build capacity and create employment which will lead to sustainable development and social equity in Zimbabwe.


Many schools are now electrified and connected to the internet services and teachers who used to shun working in rural areas before their schools were electrified are now happier to work in rural areas.


“Child mortality rate has been reduced and expecting mothers who were asked to bring own lighting such as candles and paraffin lamps to the clinics in the past are now giving birth in well-lit and conducive environment, “he added.



During the same occasion Chief Malisa who is responsible for Donsa area assured the Minister that he will make efforts as the leader of the area to make sure that the transformers and electric grid is safe from vandalism and theft through passing of stiffer sentences on anyone who is found guilty of tempering with the property.