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“I have a dream” Acie Lumumba

by Elias MabweacieHate him or love him Zanu PF parliamentary aspirant for Hatfield, Acie Lumumba has a dream. A dream many of his counterparts in the former revolutionary party do not have or have ever thought or dreamt of.
Lumumba’s dream surpasses that of his party which has no clue on how to provide employment to the majority of the country’s citizens.
“I have always thought of how best the youths can be helped. And the solution is in this Youth Centre, a massive information centre that will boast of a radio studio, 5000 seater auditorium and a 24-hour-cybercentre that will be an information hub,” the straight-talking youthful politician said.
The construction currently on the foundation level has already attracted controversy as some of his colleagues feel it is a vote buying spree for the politician.
“Politicians talk of votes but forget that there is life after elections. Yes votes will come depending on policies that we sell to the electorate but this will be here forever even long after Lumumba is gone,” he said.
“Besides the studio there will be also a computer laboratory and career guidance centre so that all the youths can access their information without hassles.”
The 27-year old politician said the centre will cost close to US$750 000 and well-wishers are contributing towards its construction.
Lumumba has always been caught up in controversies and said “It is because people want to stop me from achieving my dreams.”
“I have met resistance from day one and have been tried and tested to such an extent that I have developed shock absorbers.”
“I have always said my mind out and in the process have raffled shoulders with many but it is all for a good cause.”