Kenyatta adds voice to sanctions removal call . . . ‘It’s like tying someone’s hands, feet’

President Uhuru Kenyatta

African leaders have been consistent in their calls for the unconditional removal of the immoral and illegal economic sanctions that have bled Zimbabwe for almost two decades, cutting the country from accessing lines of credit simply because Zimbabwe dared to give its foremost resource, the land.

As we continue counting down to the Africa Anti-Sanctions Day, below are excerpts of what some of the African leaders said about the depraved sanctions.

In February last year after receiving a special envoy from President Mnangagwa, Kenyan President said.

“Imposing sanctions is like tying someone’s hands and feet, they cannot move. We will give our support to bring back Zimbabwe to the global platform,”

As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, some member states face more obstacles in combating the virus than others, including those which have sanctions imposed on them.


“In support of the pursuit of economic development, unity and prosperity for the sister country of Zimbabwe, I once again call for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa has been pursuing reforms that will enable the people of Zimbabwe to get on the path to sustainable development and peace. Therefore, the continued sanctions undermine these efforts to develop the people of Zimbabwe”.

President Kenyatta

“I wish to make a special appeal for the end to the economic, commercial as well as financial embargo against Cuba, sanctions against Zimbabwe and Sudan.

“The United Nations provides us a platform, a platform to resolve age-old differences to unburden ourselves of these antiquated conflicts,” said President Kenyatta at the Organisation of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States, or (OACPS) meeting.