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Civil servants welcome offer

Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe

Herald Reporter
Unions representing civil servants have welcomed the decision by the Government to give civil servants a cost of living adjustment which will be paid this week.

Civil servants are expected to start receiving the additional pay out from Friday, while salary negotiations continue with Government demonstrating a commitment to improve the welfare of its workers.

Exact amounts to be paid out are yet to be made public, but in a statement, Public Service Commission (PSC) secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said the adjustment was aimed at cushioning workers pending finalisation of ongoing negotiations.

Zimbabwe Medical Association (Zima) national president Dr Francis Chiwora yesterday commended the Government for the move saying any top up was welcome and would make a difference.

“It is a positive development. We do not know how much it is, but it is a good thing. As you know, civil servants’ salaries are not good. They have been eroded by inflation which makes it very difficult for workers to continue doing their jobs.


“If we also could have the civil servants paid the equivalent of what they were earning at the time when they were earning United States dollars, that would make life much easier, but any increment is most welcome,” said Dr Chiwora.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association president Mr Enock Dongo appreciated the gesture by the Government.

“Government has acknowledged that the salaries for civil servants are not enough. We appreciate that they have realised that our salaries have been eroded,” said Mr Dongo.

Apex Council deputy chairperson Mr David Dzatsunga said the move by the Government showed that authorities were committed to addressing the plight of public sector workers.

“We are yet to make a collective statement on the Government’s offer so we are meeting next week.

“However, the offer shows that Government is aware that our salaries are inadequate. It is an admission on their part so it’s a good starting point and a step in the right direction.

“We need to get back to our members to deliberate on the latest offer and also wait for the negotiations to resume,” said Mr Dzatsunga.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general Mr Raymond Majongwe urged Government to have broad-based consultations with all the registered 21 unions.