No one is safe until COVID-19 is over : UN

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UNITED NATIONS secretary-general António Guterres yesterday said no one was safe from COVID-19 until the disease is curbed, urging nations to remain alert and ensure economies do not collapse.

Speaking during the official opening of the general debate of the 75th session of the UN general assembly, Guterres said the world body had helped developing countries in many ways to save lives and arrest the spread of the disease that has killed close to a million people globally.

“In the face of the all-encompassing challenges of the pandemic, the United Nations has mounted a comprehensive response. The UN system, led by the World Health Organisation, has supported governments — particularly in the developing world — to save lives and contain the spread of the virus,” he

“None of us is safe, until all of us are safe. Everybody knows that. Likewise, economies cannot run with a runaway pandemic. Since the beginning, we have pushed for a massive rescue package worth at least 10% of the global economy.

“One week from today, we will bring together world leaders to find solutions at a meeting on financing for development in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.”

He said particular focus would be on women and girls who were the most affected.

“And in all we do, we are putting a special focus on women and girls. We must also stamp out the horrifying increase in violence against women and girls during the pandemic, from domestic violence to sexual abuse, online harassment and femicide.”