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Magaya angry over $11 Father’s Day offering

Prophet Walter Magaya...Coming To South Africa
Prophet Walter Magaya...Coming To South Africa

HARARE-PROPHETIC, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya ripped into his lieutenants’ failure to make meaningful offerings, attacking one senior pastor who had pledged $11 as a present for Father’s Day.

Walter Magaya

Walter Magaya

“Look, I was just looking at the figures of money that people were pledging towards Father’s Day, but I was shocked with the figures and a person whom I gave more than $20 000 today, he said it’s Father’s Day (and) he pledges $11. Who bought the car you are driving?” asked Magaya, to which the pastor’s response was: “It’s you prophet.”

Magaya then continued: “You have to lead by example as pastors and don’t pretend to be Christians. Be true Christians and when you give you are not giving me, you are giving to the house of God and that money goes to help the needy and nation, no extra purpose and if we misuse the funds, we will not be here today.”

During the same service, Newsday reported that Magaya claims there was an attempt on his life by close church members after needles were found in his personal fridge at his Waterfalls, Harare, church site.

This came at a time a group of faceless people claiming to be close to Magaya and operating a Facebook page, Madhiri A Magaya (Magaya’s Deals), have threatened to expose his alleged “blood sacrifices”.


Magaya told congregants at his church on Sunday that there were people who were kneeling down for him yet they were plotting to kill him.

“Two months ago, God told me to stop taking water from that fridge, but on Friday, I decided to take just one bottle and on Saturday when cleaners who clean my office were doing their duties, they saw some needles stashed in my fridge and they alerted me about it,” he said.

Magaya asked one of the female congregants to confess to which she was overheard saying: “I saw needles in the fridge yesterday.”

He said Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, “his spiritual father”, taught him on false love from some congregants who “kneel down while most of them will be standing”.

“Just two months ago, the Holy Spirit told me not to drink that water. They kneel down before me yet some were planning to put needles in the fridge,” he said.

Magaya warned that those involved would regret their actions.

“I discovered our worst enemies are not from outside, but they are here with us. They twist statements and edit videos to prove their points,” Magaya said in apparent reference to a video that has gone viral that depicts him as a “Satanist”.