Fungisai appointed TN executive

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MULTI-AWARD-winning gospel singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave recently landed the marketing executive post at TN Financial Services (TNFS ), a financial advisory services company in Harare.


Fungisai, who once worked as the company’s marketing manager, spearheaded some of its most successful advertising campaigns.

The Makomborero hitmaker confirmed the development yesterday.

She said she had always been passionate about marketing management, adding that it kept her afloat in the music industry for two decades.

“The synergy between my current job (marketing executive) and my musical career is that in music it’s always about satisfying the needs of an audience. In order to evaluate whether I have performed great as a musician, I decided to strategically position myself and aim to excel in the corporate world too,” she said.

“This will provide a platform for me to add value to the lives of the consumers of my music product. This is one of the reasons why I have joined a company whose vision and mission are not about selling products, but about creating happy memories through satisfactory healthy food experiences.”

Fungisai said her decision to rejoin TN Financial Services was part of her routine exercise of setting new and higher goals in life.

“With Christ, I believe I can choose any path and still make it to the top. My self-actualisation comes with knowing that I can bring value to the third biggest and possibly the most profitable asset management company in the nation,” she said.

“When my husband (Courage Mashavave) became the TNAM chief executive officer, back then I decided to leave work on a corporate governance understanding that it would be inappropriate for me to be his marketing manager. However, as an artiste I remained a participant in the TN Harlequin roadshows and other corporate events.”

Fungisai believes she has gained more experience and has become wiser so as to bring more value to the company’s brand.

“I have always reserved a special place for the TN brand in my musical space. Now that my husband has moved to a new organisation, I decided it was time to pick my passion and continue from where I left. TNFS has always been my home and I feel I have gained more experience to bring more value to their brand,” she said.

TNFS is wholly owned by TN Financial Holdings Limited founded in 2001 by prominent lawyer and corporate finance expert-cum-business mogul Tawanda Nyambirai.