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Tsvangirai Almost Ruled Zimbabwe:Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa.
VP Mnangagwa.

by Staff Reporter

  • Tsvangirai won 2008 election
  • Mnangagwa lied about ‘Crocodile Gang’
  • Mnangagwa lied about War Victims Fund

HARARE-VP Emmerson Mnangagwa’s effort to knife disposed former ZANU Pf henchmen Didymus Mutasa backfired after he reinforced Mugabe’s admissions towards the end of last year that that MDC’s Tsvangirai actually won 2008 election by 72 %.[vsw id=”Dx6ZMZPk1QM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Mnangagwa made reference while while addressing star rallies in Headlands and Mutare to drum up support for revolutionary party candidates ahead of next Wednesday’s parliamentary by-elections.

He said Didymus Mutasa and Nicholas Goche cleared their offices in Harare after it become apparent that Tsvangirai had won the disputed 2008 election that eventually gave birth to a Government of National Unit with South Africa ‘s Mbeki playing Midwifery role.

“In 2008 when (MDC-T leader Mr Morgan) Tsvangirai almost ruled this country, I was the chief election agent for the President and Mutasa was the secretary for Administration.


“Surprisingly, when the results were announced, Mutasa had already packed all his belongings from the office. When I phoned him he told me that he was already in Rusape,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

“We wondered how the secretary for Administration would run away at such a critical moment. I phoned (Nicholas) Goche. He also said he was already in Bindura. How could a man in charge of our security at the time desert us at that critical moment? This is the kind of people we were dealing with. They thought MDC was going to rule this country,” he added.

He said Zanu-PF would never allow that to happen.

Goche was given a five-year suspension from the party last month and Mutasa was expelled from ZANU Pf for his alleged alliance towards deposed former VP Joice Mujuru.

The State-owned newspaper The Herald has reported in the past saying Mutasa did not get to the frontline of the War of liberation. Instead, he was invited by his wife Brigadier-General Getrude Mutasa (Retired) who served as a first family nurse for long while until her retirement from the Zimbabwe National Army  in 2013. Getrude joined the liberation struggle in 1977.

The Zimbabwe News Live understand that Mnangagwa who is well known as Ngwena (Crocodile) was not part of the group. Mnangagwa was instead part of a first group of Zanu PF five guerrillas that went to China on 22 September 1964. The group comprised of John Shoniwa, Eddson Shirihuru,Jameson Mudavanhu and Lawrence Svoswe.

VP Mnangagwa, who claims to be  only survivor of the Crocodile Gang, in April this year  dedicated an enshrinement of the site in Masvingo to the First Commandos of the Second Chimurenga which he named ‘Trabablas Trail’ in honour of  his Chimurenga name, ‘Trabablas Dzokerai Mabhunu’.

Mnangagwa says he is one of the two commandos who blew up a Rhodesian steam locomotive in 1964 at Masvingo Railway Station.

The Crocodile Gang(CG) was, a five member ZANU commando unit deployed in the Melsetter district of Manicaland in 1964 following the first ZANU Congress held in Gwelo in May 1964 was led by William Ndangana and included James Dhamini, Victor Mlambo, Master Tresha Mazwani and Amos Kademaunga.

Ndangana was among the second group that went to China in late 1965 after a stint in 1964 in Ghana. While speaking to a former editor at Manica Post Sam Mawokomatanda , Ndagana denied any knowledge of Mnangagwa being part of the CG.


The Zimbabwe News Live can also reveal that Mnangagwa also lied about his loss of hearing claiming over 100% disability in the war vets compensation fund.

Mnangagwa alleges that he lost his hearing through torture for his involvement with the Crocodile Gang. On 26 August 1997, Oppah Rushesha named Mnangagwa among others for abusing the funds.

“We see a deliberate ploy to embarrass comrades yet there are hidden hands in the top echelons of the party and government who are using us as sacrificial lambs”, said Rushesha.

She was complaining that top officials in Zanu PF were buying apartments in Harare and additional farms through the War Victims Fund but these people are not being hauled before a commission of enquiry that looked into alleged abuse of Funds.


In fact Mnangagwa was severely beaten by the late Josiah Tongogara in front of Mugabe and Tekere for misplacing important files.


Tongogara later admitted to his comrades that he wanted love rat and cheating Mnangagwa dead. Mnangagwa was cheating on General Tongo’s sister with Monica Mutsvangwa, Mandiitawepi Chimene and a string of other women.

In February this year It was reported that ZANU PF bigwigs and ex-Zanla commanders who fought in the war of liberation, were  fingered in the case of rampant sexual abuse of female combatants who are now demand compensation for their suffering.