Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Top financial expert Nigel Chanakira and motivational speaker Arthur Marara will tomorrow lead the inaugural entrepreneurship conference set for Crown Plaza.

The expo is running under the theme, ‘Entrepreneurship is the future for economic development’ courtesy of The Zimbabwe African Entrepreneur Association (ZAEA), a group of seasoned local entrepreneurs.

ZAEA’s founding president Andrew Hwititi said everything is going according to plan and the aim is to support local entrepreneurs in building wealth through genuine business means.

“Everything is going on well and we want to make sure business people and leaders of similar interests are empowered.

“It will also be an opportunity for networking, development, collaboration, mentoring ad initiatives.

“We have seasoned entrepreneur Chanakira who has experience in this sector while Marara will play the motivating role.

“This is a room for advocating for the continued recognition of the local entrepreneurs as a key player in the growth of our country’s economy by lobbying for inclusion and active participants in all sectors of the economy.”

Hwititi said the association supports the initiating of projects, processes and programmes to positively impact the immediate communities.

“There will be also opportunities to encourage entrepreneurs and enhancing the success of locally owned businesses in Zimbabwe, thereby contributing to combating unemployment, developing standard of living and growing our economy.

“The workshop will also campaign for the deeper understanding of the important role of the entrepreneur in the global economy.

“To also lobby for the interests and continued recognition of local business people across all sectors,” added Hwititi.

Hwititi who is an entrepreneur said, ZAEA is an agent to facilitate development of dynamic entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

“All business people coming to this workshop will have an opportunity to create investment networking.

“There will also be identification of weaknesses and problems faced by them and finding solutions.

“Registration is already in progress and its only RTGS300 and the event start at 2 to 5 pm.”