‘Parly fact finding mission expose GMAZ’

Justice Mayor Wadyajena addressing journalists

Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Discrepancies emerged during a fact-finding visit to millers by a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee yesterday.

The Justice Mayor Wadyajena-led Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement visited Agri-milling and Drosky Private Limited/Alpha Grain in a fact finding mission over the unexplained US$27.7 million which the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe received from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to import wheat.

Portfolio Committee at Drosky Grain Millers


Wadyajena revealed that the fact finding mission was to establish ownership of Drosky, a company which reportedly imported wheat from the US$27.7 million given to GMAZ by RBZ.

“It was a successful tour and we have established everything that we wanted.

“At Agri-Milling it was straight forward, we came to see Alpha Grain and we have been advised that it is actually Drosky.

“As you may be aware Drosky has got a separate inquiry and we have to come another day to do the inquiry.

“We are going to seek clarification on the ownership of Alpha Grain/Drosky to see which one is the trading company,” explained Wadyajena.

Asked to comment on GMAZ Chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara who failed to account for US$27.7 million received from RBZ for wheat importation, Wadyajena said:

“I can’t pre-empt our report and I can’t say GMAZ failed to account.

“They told us they had the documents but failed provide them.

“They failed to give us a single paper to prove that they indeed imported wheat.

“They gave us papers which showed the wheat was imported by a company called Drosky but the RBZ papers indicate that the money was given to GMAZ.


“These are two different companies all together.

“By Friday they said documents will be available for the committee and if they fail to do we will proceed with our recommendations.”

Wadyajena revealed the Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement will further embark on inquiries over relevant companies which received forex from RBZ.

“So many companies got forex from RBZ and we are going to make follow ups.

“These companies include Fossil Agro Zimbabwe, FSG, Sable, and Windmill and a lot more.”

He added that the Portfolio Committee will seek to establish why out of 105 millers under GMAZ, only National Foods and Parrogate millers benefited.

“GMAZ has 105 members but only two members benefited according to what Musarara gave us.

“As Members of Parliament we are going to do our report but as of now I cannot pre-empt our report,” he said.