JUST IN: Gvt wary of SA pilchards imports

Elita Chikwati Senior Reporter
Government is encouraging consumers to be cautious when buying canned pilchards imported from South Africa.

This follows the recent recall of canned 400 grammes pilchards in tomato sauce and 400g pilchards in chilli sauce manufactured in 2019 by West Point processors based in cape Town.

All products with the batch codes starting with ZST29 and ZSC 29 on top of the can are subject to the recall.

Industry and Commerce, Deputy Minister Raj Modi this afternoon said consumers should be alert and cautious when buying such product.

“We are telling people to be aware of the dangers of so coming such food. We are going to inform retailers with the affected products to combine and list them.


“Government will discuss with South Africa so that we can be able to return the contaminated tins and ensure the affected retailers can be refunded,” he said.