Doctors plead for better equipment

Fiona Ruzha, H-Metro Reporter

SENIOR doctors have appealed for safe equipment at public hospitals to provide efficient services to patients.

This was revealed during a supplementary oral evidence by the senior doctors before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care chaired by Dr Ruth Labode.

The doctors, who were represented by SHDA president Dr Shingai Nyaguse, Professor Faith Muchemwa and Dr Azza Mashumba sought to clarify on their involvement with regard to equipment purchased in India.

Dr Muchemwa said they were given mandate to generate a list of equipment needed and their qualifications at all the five central hospitals but were not involved during the process of purchase of the equipment.


“On March 15 last year, senior doctors had an open parley with Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo and at this meeting each unit and department outlined their challenges in effective service delivery.

“Following this, a group of senior doctors had an audience with the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa and each member was given an opportunity to explain problems beimg faced.

“Amai Mnangagwa then facilitated a follow up meeting with the President where a comprehensive document was drafted.

“After the above process, there were no further involvement of the doctor’s group during the process of purchase of the equipment,” she said.

President Mnangagwa commissioned US$600 000 for procurement of hospital equipment in India last year.

However, senior doctors expressed concern over the deterioration in standards at major hospitals as half of the equipment purchased have missing accessories and cannot be used.

The doctors said the condemned consignment included theatre equipment, incubators, anesthetic machines and ventilators.

Dr Nyaguse said they understood the environment that Zimbabwe was operating in but they needed safe equipment.

‘We are all aware that we are a third world country and we can’t compare ourselves with countries like India or Japan in terms of the machines they use at their hospitals.

“But all we ask are safe equipment that are used friendly and functional,” she said.