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Lighting kills 20 cattle, leaves families homeless


Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

Two families in Shurugwi were left homeless, while 20 cattle were killed by lightning on Sunday in the Dorset Resettlement area.

Councillor for the area, Aaron Ndlovu, confirmed the incident.

Clr Ndlovu said he had since approached the District Development Coordinator for Shurugwi seeking assistance.

“We have a sad situation here in Dorset where two families were left in the open after their homesteads were torched by lightning following  a violent thunderstorm on Sunday.


“Fortunately, no one was injured  in the incident, but we have said the District Civil Protection Unit should assist them with temporary shelter as they start to reconstruct the destroyed homes,” he said.

Shurugwi District Development Coordinator Mr Langton Mpeta was not available for comment yesterday.

The 20 cattle killed by lightning belonged to Midlands Provincial Public Service Inspector, Mr Andrew Chimanyiwa.

Mr Chimanyiwa said they had just finished dipping the herd when lightning struck.

The cattle were mainly steers and cows.

“We were at the farm when a thunder storm started, it was very violent and frightening.

“We then went to the cattle pen soon after the thunderstorm and realised a lightning bolt had just killed 20 of my beasts. I was devastated, but there is nothing we can do,” he said.

Mr Chimanyiwa said he has approached Antelope Park Game Reserve on the outskirts of Gweru, so they could buy the carcases.

“At Antelope Park, they have lions and they said they can take the carcases, but at a give-away price to feed their lions, they are organising transport to come and pick the carcases,” he said.