‘Commuters suffering’

Karen Mhlanga, H-Metro Reporter

COMMUTERS have raised complaints against both Zupco buses and kombis.

In an interview yesterday a woman from Chitungwiza said there was no proper price for any route and it changed depending on the time of day or situation at hand.

The woman said the prices for one route can range from $5, $7, $10 to $12 depending on the time of day, whether or not it is raining or the number of people waiting to travel.


A Kuwadzana commuter complained that the Zupco bus was not reliable because it gave first (and sometimes only) preference to tap-card holders.

“Waiting for the Zupco bus is a tricky situation because there is no guarantee that you will be able to get into the bus which means you might end up being late for work,”

A man from Chitungwiza complained that kombi operators take advantage of people that fail to catch Zupco buses and punish them by raising the fares to an even higher price.

The other problem they said they face is that the kombis revealed that they are reliant on the black market for fuel which is a lot more expensive hence the high fares.