Female prisoners plead for water

Praise Mabuto, H-Metro Reporter

FEMALE inmates at Chikurubi Female prison are pleading with the authorities to provide them with more water for use.

The inmates’ concerns come amid water crisis at the jail where they are currently getting one bucket of water each.

“We are facing a serious water shortage which is affecting our health as women.

“We are travelling a long distance to fetch water which is not adequate at all.


“Sometimes the water is not safe for drinking such that when it rains, all the domestic and industrial waste will constitute the water we use.

“We want the government to provide more water sources to meet the demand of our ever increasing population,” said one.

Another inmate said women needed a lot of water to do laundry and for bathing to maintain their health.

“We are being provided with two pads a day when we are on mensural cycle and it is difficult to keep hygiene if there is no water.

“As it stands, we manage to get at least 10litres per person from the source.

“We hope that the government will help us and we are looking forward to more water sources,” she said.