‘Love ruined my life’

Mary Nkalankala

Praise Mabuto, H-Metro Reporter

…teen prisoner regrets missing out on shcool

An 18-YEAR-OLD woman is regretting missing out school after she was jailed for four years.

The teenager, Mary Nkalankala was jailed for unlawfully entering her former Lover Tapiwa Mhembera’s house violating a court order.

Mary was initially sentenced to four years in jail of which two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour. She is serving two years effective.


Her boyfriend had sought a protection order against her.

“I regret what I did. Because of that, I was not able to write my O’ level examinations.

“I supposed to be in form four this year but I am in prison because of love.

“I never knew being in love with my former boyfriend was going to cost my life to this extent,” said Mary.

Mary is bitter.

“I am bitter that he never felt remorseful for me since he did not withdraw the case against me.

“I understand that I was young and I ignored dictates of the law.

“I was not aware that if I committed any conduct against the law I was going to be jailed.

“Love is bad. I don’t think I will be able to fall in love with another man when I leave prison,” she said.

She added:


“I believe my parents, relatives and friends have neglected me because of shame I put on them.

“No one has yet visited me since I came here in prison and I am lonely suffering from mental disorder,” she said.