Council in demolition wrangle

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Desmond Munemo and Yemurai Nyarugwe

Eye brows have been raised over failure by Harare City Council to remove car dealers operating along Simon Mazorodze Road and Paisley Road.

This week , council on the spot situated opposite Radio Zimbabwe along with the police and Easy Park officials to tow away vehicle.

However, it is reported that Councillor  for Ward 13, Brian Mationa, halted the operation.

Peter Nkowa (left) and Victor Mhirimo

H-Metro visited the car dealership spot and spoke to Peter Nkowa identified as the Chairperson of the business and he revealed that an application for regularisation had been submitted over seven years ago but Council was yet to respond.

“We have over 200 families surviving through selling cars here and now council wants to remove us from this place.

“It is now over seven years since we applied for this place to be regularised by council so that we can operate with papers smoothly but they are not forthcoming.

“Recently, a Chinese national was offered some documents to operate a flowers business,” said Nkowa.

“Ku Council kune huori and Mationa atotibatsira zvekuti we are ready to cooperate.

“Tinoenda kupi and imagine some of us are coming from as a far as Marondera.

“We are now in the process of following up on the papers we submitted years ago,” added Victor Mhirimo, the Deputy Chairperson.

Cllr Mationa said the reason for stopping the operation was above board.

“The guys approached council ndobva paitwa meeting ku office kwa mayor na town clerk mushure me kunge pawonesanwa then the town clerk instructed director of works kuti abatsire mukuitwa kwe ma paper.

“It means panga paine musangano yakaitwa so ku miswa is a result of the previous engagement process undertaken in that office between parties,” he said.

H-Metro contacted Harare Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba who professed ignorance over the incident and he said he will look into the matter and engage Cllr Mationa.

Meanwhile, the Harare City Council is investigating shenanigans into the demolition of illegal tuck shops in Waterfalls where some were left.

Council’s corporate communications manager Michael Chideme yesterday said there could have been underhand dealings involving council employees and the proprietors which saw some tuckshops being left out while others were being demolished.

Posting on council Facebook Page, Chideme said:

“Council is investigating why some illegal tuck-shops were spared demolition last week in Waterfalls following allegations of corruption.

“Town House management is keen on eradicating corruption and is encouraging residents to report any cases of misconduct and corruption on the part of municipal employees.”

Contacted for comment, Chideme said Council wanted to fully know what transpired.

“This was a direct order that was given to our employees and we demand to know why some illegal tuck-shops were left out.

“We want to know if this was an act of corruption and we want to get to the bottom of this,” he said.