Rainfall till Thursday: Met department

Lisa Mandewo, H-Metro Reporter

The Metrological Services Department has predicted heavy downpours in all Mashonaland provinces, Harare Metropolitan and northern parts of Matabeleland North while the rest of the country is expected to be humid until Thursday.

MSD said hot and humid conditions are expected across the country with a chance of afternoon and evening isolated thunderstorms.

“It is expected to be largely humid with thunderstorms that may extend well into the evening in most areas and torrential rains and flash flooding is expected in localised areas.

“Downstream flooding is also a potential hazard and such thundery phenomenon is usually superseded by lightening, this poses a potential threat to the tallest objects such as trees, poles, isolated sheds and even people in an open field,” MSD said in a statement.


The expected rainfalls will not be more than 50mm in all areas.

The MSD urged the public not to cross flooded rivers or streams whether on foot or in a vehicle noting that even if the heavy downpours have not occurred in the area, it could have done so upstream.

Farmers are encouraged by MSD to carry out water harvesting as a water management method to cater for periods when there is less rainfall.

“Significant amounts of rainfall were received in the western areas of the country for the past three days with a maximum of 49mm in some areas and a minimum of 25mm in other areas,” MSD said.