Uncollected refuse in Chitown

Some of the refuse at Chitungwiza’s Unit D shops

Tanyaradzwa Mamombe, H-Metro Reporter

Uncollected refuse, stagnant water and a swarm of flies at Chitungwiza shops in Unit D is a health time bomb if not attended to in the quickest time.

Flies are making their way into butcheries where people buy their meat putting people at risk of contracting diarrheal diseases associated with dirt.

Chitungwiza Council spokesperson Lovemore Meya confirmed that they were aware of the problem and that council was in the process of attending to the issue.

“As the council we are aware of refuse that is being dumped all over and we will take action.


“What has caused the delay in clearing the garbage is our JCB excavator that is having mechanical problems.

“We do collect refuse as per schedule everyday but the only problem that happens is when fuel supply is limited then it hinders us from collecting refuse.

“It had developed a fault on Friday and it is being attended to; once it’s done we are good to go,” he said.

Residents expressed dismay over the situation saying they were paying their rates so that they get good services from the council but the service was very low as they also hardly get tap water.

One of the residents Almar Baradzi said the council was failing the residents as it was not delivering good services.

“Marara ari apo atove nenguva aripo and nekunaya uku kana zvasangana mvura nemarara zvinotikonzeresa zvirwere isu.

“The refuse is near shops which makes it very wrong and unhealthy for us.

“We do not sleep at night due to the mosquitoes that are being bred at the garbage area.

“They should at least provide plastic bins for residents so that people can stop dumping refuse at undesignated places,” she said.


Pasichigare Nightclub workers complained about uncollected refuse saying it was now affecting their business as revellers were being put off by ordour.

“Business redu rakutokanganiswa dai vekucouncil vatibatsirawo nekubvisa marara ayo ipapo,” said a club worker.