Cop faces disciplinary action

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H-Metro Reporter

A Zimbabwe Republic Police officer is facing disciplinary action after he threatened to deal with and detain a farmer in Mvurwi who was embroiled in a dispute with another farmer after purchasing some farming equipment.

Detective Constable Tongai Mufandaedza is reported to have been on the side of the other farmer and abusing his duties threatening and harassing the other farmer.

The farmer who was being harassed had purchased farm trailer frame from Alias Hozo who also owns a farm in Mvurwi.

This was after the farmer was informed by Mufandaedza that Hozo was selling the trailer frame and they went there.

The farmer who also owns a company that specialises in refurbishing farming implements as well as panel beating and spray painting in Harare, then entered into agreement with Hozo on the pretext that he was going to refurbish his vehicle.

He then delayed refurbishing Hozo’s vehicle in time alleging that he had no money.

Sometime in October last year, the farmer went to a bar in the area where he met Mufandaedza who threatened to detain him accusing him of failure to deliver Hozo’s vehicle on time.

A few days later the farmer hired a truck to ferry Hozo’s vehicle after he had completed refurbishing it but Mufandaedza instructed the truck driver to offload it at the police station.

The driver was then arrested and detained without any charge prompting the farmer to contact the officer-in-charge Centenary Police Station.

A few days later the farmer received a WhatsApp message from a police officer Maxwell Fungai Manena, being advised to go to the police station where to record a statement for fraud charges but did not go and instead launched a complaint against police.

A letter signed by Assistant Commissioner Mavuto Maseko reads:

“Reference is made to a complaint made against Constable Mufandaedza. You alleged that constable Mufandaedza involved himself in a pure civil matter between you and Mekiya Kamudyariwa a move that  complicated amicable solutions.

“Investigations conducted established that Constable Mufandaedza should not have involved himself in a civil matter. Disciplinary action was taken against the member.”

Guruve Magistrate Artwell Sanyatwe also last week ordered that Mufandaedza should not insult, harass, threaten or make unlawful and wrongful demands against the farmer.