Coronavirus: Healthcare teams undergo training


Karen Mhlanga

Harare City Council has started coordinating the training of doctors, nurses and technicians on the emergency drills for the Coronavirus while Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital has been identified to deal with the virus.

Speaking during the Inter-ministerial meeting on the Novel (2019) Coronavirus outbreak (2019-ncov) yesterday, Council Health Director Dr Prosper Chonzi they already had 12 technicians training people on case management and they have been doing drills since mid-January.

“The Wilkins hospital has been designated as the isolation facility for the Coronavirus and there are also some renovations still taking place at the hospital to turn into a state of the art isolation facility.


“We have made masks, suits, latex gloves and aprons available to our personnel who will get in contact with infected patients also as a measure taken to prevent the spread of the virus.” he said.

Dr Chonzi said that they will ensure that the nation has access to adequate safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene as a way to combat the virus.

Also in a bid to ensure that this virus does not spread, Dr Chonzi said they had reserved graves at Graneville Cemetery where those who die from the virus are buried.