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POLAD engages US Embassy

Yeukai Tazira-Herald Reporter
THE Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) sub-committee for international relations paid a courtesy call on officials at the United States Embassy to discuss ways to revamp the economy.

Other matters discussed included property rights, governance issues, as well as boosting mechanisation production as part of broader re-engagement efforts.

POLAD’s information communication and publicity spokesperson Mr Khalipani Phugeni told The Herald last week that the purpose of the visit was to re-engage with the West and POLAD had set up six sub committees which would steer progress and national development.

“POLAD has elected the leadership of its six-sub committees, so the committee which you saw visit the US Embassy is the international relations and re-engagement committee,” he said.

“The six committees include economy subcommittee, nation building, governance and legislative agenda which is currently gathered in


Bulawayo looking at proposed constitutional amendments, monitoring implementation, learning and evaluation and information communication and publicity.

“We are also strengthening ties with our sister countries, our neighbouring countries. We have at least managed to get solidarity from them with regards to these sanctions.”

Mr Phugeni said they were going to hold an economic summit soon.
“POLAD will also hold an economic summit this quarter and we will hear more views from the leaders of different sectors of the industry and the diplomatic partners,” he said.

It is part of Polad’s 2020 agenda to engage with the Western community to end Zimbabwe’s two decades of isolation.